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Venture Partner Criteria

Ready to build?

We seek special qualities in the clients we work with. Read more below.

We work with any company that seeks outstanding social impact through profitable commercial activity.
  • Entrepreneur-led ventures from foundation to 5 years old.

  • Start-up ventures from the charitable, social enterprise or public sector

  • Private companies that want to build social impact into their growth plans.

How do Ventures create social impact through commercial activities?
  • They may reinvest a significant proportion of their pre-tax profit into a social purpose.

  • They may create social value in the way the business is operated e.g by employing excluded groups.

  • They may deliver a social impact to customers who may otherwise be excluded.

Where we don't engage:
  • Where social impact is a clearly subordinate or second-order concern to the founders or is simply a by-product of the operation of the business.

  • Where there is no commercial activity underpinning the venture.

  • Where at least a portion of operating profits are not re-invested in social purpose.

What we care about most:
  • Your impact.  And we are agnostic about organizational form: we welcome for-profits, nonprofits, and government agencies as venture partners.

  • That founders are ambitious about social impact and want help to scale and sustain it

  • That social impact and commercial success go hand-in-hand in the business model (not pulling in separate directions).

  • That social impact is measured and verified alongside all other measures of success.

Terms of Engagement:
We either take a share in the venture, an advisory fee, a share or profit of revenue, or some combination of these. We only succeed when you succeed!
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