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Venture Partners

Our venture partners are social business entrepreneurs and we're proud to work with them. Read more about the impact they are making.


Launched 2022 in the UK, Signapse builds AI software that automatically translates from a written text (e.g. English) to a Sign Language video (e.g. British Sign Language). They aim to translate all the world’s written content into Sign.


Founded in 2018, Loop Health is the first health insurance provider in India with an in-house medical team that helps companies care for their employees with unlimited primary care, telemedicine, and preventive medicine.


BelleVie, based in the UK, supports older people to thrive at home.  A tech-enabled venture composed of self-managed teams providing care and a broad suite of services.  Provides high levels of autonomy and wages to its team members, while supporting families.


Founded in the UK by Lee Wakeham, an ex-offender aiming to ‘bring out the good inside’ by employing ex-offenders to make and sell delicious handmade Cornish-style pasties.

Sensory Specialists is a social enterprise that empowers people with sensory loss and those who are Deaf to maximize their independence, improve their social connectivity and realize their aspirations.

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We're always seeking new partnerships. Read our venture partner criteria below.
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